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Comprehensive List of Burlesque Performers, Producers, & Legends

This is a comprehensive list of burlesque performers, producers, & legends, sorted by their primary location & troupe affiliation. A project started in Summer of 2011, it is a useful source for traveling performers, as well as booking agents, festivals, and producers.
Please note: to keep the list simple and easy to use, performers may only be listed in one location and with one troupe affiliation.

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    Deadly Dames
  • Bon Bon De Sade
  • Mademoiselle Miaou
  • Virginia Brown
    The Menagerie Burlesque Company
  • Ana L'Sex
  • Andy Phucter
  • Anonomyxx
  • Dutchess Bliss
  • Eva de la Manzana
  • Foxxi Fuze
  • Gino Fizz
  • Lady Dandelion
  • Lilith LaQuim
  • Lola D'Moan
  • Madame Dick Burns
  • Maizie Kiszt
  • Pina Colada
  • Peter Morningwood
  • Sadie Sugarbottom
  • Tig Bitty
  • Trixxx
  • Vitamin D
  • Watusi Galore
    Rosebud Burlesque Club
  • Headmistress Cheripop Purr
  • Chloe D Light
  • Conrad Fusion
  • Dange Russ
  • Helika
  • Miss Mandy
  • Scarlett Foxx
  • Serena Starlight
  • Spinja
  • Sweet December
  • Zar Redlips Phoenix
  • Bawd Barker
  • Hellen Bedde
  • Hellina Handbasket
  • Mila Macabre
  • Miss Miss
  • Mona Handful
  • Ophelia Mango
  • Penicillin Penny
  • Rosemary Spice
  • Sir Kieran De Butlertron
  • Stella Behavior

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