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Comprehensive List of Burlesque Performers, Producers, & Legends

This is a comprehensive list of burlesque performers, producers, & legends, sorted by their primary location & troupe affiliation. A project started in Summer of 2011, it is a useful source for traveling performers, as well as booking agents, festivals, and producers.
Please note: to keep the list simple and easy to use, performers may only be listed in one location and with one troupe affiliation.

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New Mexico
    Arthaus Burlesque
  • Curio Lecter
  • Kit Kombat
  • River Delacour
  • Rozalyn Black
  • Wasabi Mynx
  • Abel Robledo
  • Gabby oh!
  • Heavenly Harlot
  • Missy venture
  • Mr. venture
  • Perla Foxxx
    Paris a GoGo Burlesque Revue
  • PRODUCER: Paris A Go Go
  • Megan Martyn
  • Godiva Bleu
  • Coco L'amour
  • Lady Roulette
  • daisy De Vil
  • Ruben Vail
  • Kylea Killeen
    Sons of Perdition Burlesque
  • Austin Tacious
  • Rick O'Shea
  • Van Vogue
    Rebelle Alliance Premier Burlesque and Cosplay Events
  • Holly Rebelle
    Unicorn Productions
  • Annie O'Roar
  • Ave Machina
  • Joy Coy
  • Mischa Mischief
  • Raven Lass
  • Venus de Folie
  • Cherry Jubilee
  • Cookie Fortune
  • Eden Everleigh
  • Intoxi Kate
  • Juniper Sprinkles
  • Kayla Mansfield
  • Kitty Irreverent
  • Lottie LaRouge
  • Luna Sylum
  • Mayo Lua de Frenchie
  • Mr. Rebelle
  • Paige Starr Savage
  • Ri Ri SynCyr
  • September Smith
Las Cruces
Red River
  • Angel-LICK
Santa Fe
    Zircus Erotique
  • Almonds
  • Anita Tension
  • Mena Domina
  • Miss Conduct
  • Scorpiana le Femme
  • Doutelle
  • Koo Koo La Rue
  • Lady Lux
  • La Loosha
  • Lily La Dee
  • Madam Lennox
  • Nyree Nyx
  • Tallulah St. James

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