chicago burlesque

chicago burlesque
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This is a comprehensive list of burlesque performers, producers, & legends, sorted by their primary location & troupe affiliation. A project started in Summer of 2011, it is a useful source for traveling performers, as well as booking agents, festivals, and producers.
Please note: to keep the list simple and easy to use, performers may only be listed in one location and with one troupe affiliation.

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U.S. / Alabama-->Arkansas Burlesque
U.S. / California Burlesque
U.S. / Colorado-->Georgia Burlesque
U.S. / Hawaii-->Indiana Burlesque
U.S. / Illinois / Chicago Burlesque
U.S. / Iowa-->Michigan Burlesque
U.S. / Minnesota-->Mississippi Burlesque
U.S. / Missouri-->New Jersey Burlesque
U.S. / New Mexico-->North Dakota Burlesque
U.S. / Ohio Burlesque
U.S. / Oklahoma-->Oregon Burlesque
U.S. / Pennsylvania-->Tennessee Burlesque
U.S. / Texas Burlesque
U.S. / Utah-->Wisconsin Burlesque

Canada Burlesque Performers
International Burlesque Performers (Europe, Australia, etc)

United States

    Black Hearts Burlesque
  • Elektra Cute
  • Dahlia Dulce
  • Josephine Belle
  • Fiona Flameteaser
  • Mistress Victoria DeVille
  • Nikki Knickers
  • Lucy Furr
  • Camren Obscura
  • Emma StonyGaze
  • Jac Fatale
  • Killjoy Rider
  • Kinsey S. Kale
  • Sparkles Du Jour
  • TifDynamite>br />
    Foxy Tann and The Wham Bam Thankyou Ma'ams
  • Foxy Tann
    Lili's Burlesque Revue
  • Coco Dupree
  • Nadine Dubois
  • Ophelia Flame
  • Summer Clearance
  • Gina Louise
    Minneapolis Burlesque & Cabaret Social Club
  • Pepper Sunshine
  • Polly FunkChanel
  • Soo Do
    The Vigilantease Collective
  • Deeva Rose
  • Magnolia Lace
  • Nadi A'marena
  • Queenie Von Curves
  • Sassy Von Straddler
  • Sweetpea
  • Karma Kitten
St. Paul
    Abbie Rhode's Psychedelic Spectacle
  • Abbie Rhode
    Palace Burlesque
  • Billie Marquee
  • Maranda Wright
  • Moonshine Matinee
  • Kitson Sass
  • Marana Wright
  • Risa Revenge
  • Robyn Swing
  • Smokey Throbinson
  • Whiskey Ginger



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