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Comprehensive List of Burlesque Performers, Producers, & Legends

This is a comprehensive list of burlesque performers, producers, & legends, sorted by their primary location & troupe affiliation. A project started in Summer of 2011, it is a useful source for traveling performers, as well as booking agents, festivals, and producers.
Please note: to keep the list simple and easy to use, performers may only be listed in one location and with one troupe affiliation.

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    All the Rest Burlesque
  • PRODUCER: Leather Pixie
  • Clara Bows
  • Roxy Shake
    Stabatha La Thrills
    The Betsi Feathers
  • Beef Strokemeoff
  • Cherry Pop
  • Dahlia Longlegs
  • Ellis Dee
  • Ginger Snap
  • Jazz D'Moan
  • Kandi Sprinkles
  • Penni Rebel
  • Scarlett Sinsation
  • Snake Bite
    Bitches of Destiny
  • Jane Doe
  • Kirby Bits
  • Cherry Phosphate
  • Catya von Sparkles
  • Raven Rose
  • Dean James
  • Victory Rolls
    Lipstick Criminals
  • Sugar Dish
  • Abby Normal
  • Pamela Passion
  • Honey Pie
  • Dinah DeVille
  • Belle Gunz
    Rogue Burlesque
  • Brandy Wine
  • Busty Keaton
  • Cheeky DeVine
  • Delilah Spring
  • Dewie Decimator
  • Dixie Douya
  • Isobel Valo
  • Lotta Sass
  • Polly Surely
  • EMCEE: Mama BangBang
Cape Cod
    Brazen Belles Burlesque
  • PRODUCER: Pepper Grinds
  • Bobbi Pins
  • Curtis Suede
  • Ginger St. Stephens
  • Lacey Stiletto
  • Mimi Outback
  • Mini Teasecake
  • Olive Mia
  • Ophelia Love
  • Roxy Roll
  • Savannah Boudreaux
  • Silvie Bullet
  • Sundown Shenaingans
  • Chica Boom Boom
  • Sin Searly
    Salty Sirens Burlesque
  • Luna Lux
  • Sirena Oceana

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