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chicago burlesque
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This will be a comprehensive list of burlesque performers, producers, & legends, sorted by their primary location & troupe affiliation. A project started in Summer of 2011, it is a useful source for traveling performers, as well as booking agents, festivals, and producers.
Please note: to keep the list simple and easy to use, performers may only be listed in one location and with one troupe affiliation.

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U.S. / Alabama-->Arkansas Burlesque
U.S. / California Burlesque
U.S. / Colorado-->Georgia Burlesque
U.S. / Hawaii-->Indiana Burlesque
U.S. / Illinois / Chicago Burlesque
U.S. / Iowa-->Michigan Burlesque
U.S. / Minnesota-->Mississippi Burlesque
U.S. / Missouri-->New Jersey Burlesque
U.S. / New Mexico-->North Dakota Burlesque
U.S. / Ohio Burlesque
U.S. / Oklahoma-->Oregon Burlesque
U.S. / Pennsylvania-->Tennessee Burlesque
U.S. / Texas Burlesque
U.S. / Utah-->Wisconsin Burlesque

Canada Burlesque Performers
International Burlesque Performers (Europe, Australia, etc)

Special thanks to:
WASHINGTON DC & BALTIMORE, MD contributor - Cherie Sweetbottom
CANADA contributors - Red Herring & Scarlett LaFlamme
DALLAS, TX contributor - Jerry Fedora
HAWAII contributor - Lola Love
NORTH CAROLINA contributor - Rachel Riot
OHIO contributor - Bella Sin
SEATTLE, WA contributors - Whisper De Corvo & Jacqueline Hyde
ST LOUIS, MO contributors - Steele Starling & Horchata Dentana
TEXAS contributor - Vivienne Vermuth
EDMONTON, AB contributor - Kiki Quinn
VANCOUVER, BC contributor - Diamond Minx

chicago burlesque chicago burlesque shows

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